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Amal Clooney 'baby bump' headlines earn backlash



Human rights lawyer Amal Clooney, left, addresses a United Nations human rights meeting called “The Fight against Impunity for Atrocities: Bringing Da’esh [ISIS] to Justice,” Thursday at U.N. headquarters.

NEW YORK — Human rights lawyer Amal Clooney, who represents victims of rape and kidnappings by members of the Islamic State group, urged a United Nations meeting to step up the pressure on the extremists, so why did her yellow dress and her “baby bump” also make headlines?

C r i t i c i s m wa s sw i ft Thursday for some news and entertainment outlets from outraged social media users, including some on Twitter who responded to the Time Inc. tweet: “Amal Clooney shows off her baby bump at the United Nations.”

The tweet linked to a story that ran on Time’s Motto website, which is focused on younger women. The story’s headline also referenced a “baby bump” but was changed, a spokeswoman for Time confirmed Friday.

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