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‘I’m coming for you’: Whoopi Goldberg blasts fake story


Whoopi Goldberg

NEW YORK — Whoopi Goldberg is blasting a fake-news website that ran a story she claims “endangered” her life.

The host of ABC’s “The View” on Monday condemned a story that circulated last week falsely claiming she said Navy SEAL widow Carryn Owens appeared at President Donald Trump’s speech to Congress for the “attention.”

Goldberg said this “horrible lie” jeopardized many great relationships she has with vets and their spouses and that it “endangered” her family’s life and her own.

The Underground Re p o r t , wh i c h has removed the story, calls itself “ a n ews a n d political satire web publication” reporting “often in semi-real or mostly fictitious ways.”

Un sat i s f i e d with that fine-print disclaimer, Goldberg vowed to take legal action against the Underground Report writer, warning, “I’m gonna get my lawyer and I’m coming for you.”

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