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Mike Tyson loses songbird contest on trip to Suriname


Mike Tyson

NEW YORK — Over his career, former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson recorded 50 wins and six losses. But he recently notched another big loss in Latin America — this time as a coach of a bird.

Tyson traveled to Suriname as part of the new Fusion TV documentary series “Outpost ” and was soundly beaten when he entered a bird in a songbird contest, a cherished local tradition.

Cameras captured Iron Mike as he learned about t h e co n - test, located a bird to enter — he dubbed the tiny guy “Little Mike” — but then suffered a TKO when a competing champion cheeped and peeped more than his bird did in the same 15-minute period.

“Little Mike let us down, man. I was in his corner, though,” said Tyson. “It was just amazing meeting the people, meeting the culture — I had a great time.”

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