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Taylor Swift

Swift sends flowers to grad

MIAMI — Who in the world would be so fearless as to invite Taylor Swift to her college graduation party?

Ashley Silvers of Miami, that’s who. The 22-year-old with a new degree in public relations and advertising mailed an invite to the megastar thanking Swift for being a positive influence.

Then she went home from the University of Central Florida to prepare for her New York Citythemed party, celebrating her acceptance into Fordham University’s business school. A large bouquet of flowers arrived, with a handwritten note and picture drawn by none other than Swift.

Swift sent her regrets in loopy cursive, saying she’s very proud of her fan’s excitement and ambition. Silvers, who has been to eight Swift concerts, told The Orlando Sentinel the gift is “unbelievable.”

Michael Moore is making film about Trump

CANNES, France — Michael Moore has been secretly making a Donald Trump documentary he has dubbed “Fahrenheit 11/9,” titling it after the day Trump became president-elect.

Producers Harvey and Bob Weinstein announced Tuesday they have secured worldwide rights to the film. Moore has been working on the film for months and he promises it will be explosive.

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